Our Proposed Model

Cooperative Capital aims to become a cooperative private equity fund that empowers citizens to pool their money together to make promising investments within their community. At this time Cooperative Capital is purely an economic model that we are proposing and still exploring - we would love your feedback!

Stories of an Entrepreneur - Marty Shea

Every 2 weeks we profile an entrepreneur within the community to demonstrate how opportunities abound! This time we have the privilege of introducing you to: Marty Shea, Co-Founder of CollabFeature.

CollabFeature is a web-based platform that unites and guides filmmakers, helping them to create multi-story content (feature films, series, documentaries, and new media).  Their model allows creators to pool their resources, talent and audiences to make feedback-driven, cost effective content. Check out Marty's story now


You Hold the Key

We believe a community becomes stronger once residents have ownership within their community and even stronger when these residents bond together. 

Cooperative Capital is best if you as well as your friends, family, and associates are all involved – let’s give our best to the community!