Our Team

With a strong network of cooperators supporting us, our transdisciplinary team aims to solve some of society's most pressing challenges. While we come from very diverse backgrounds we are unified around one vision: Creating a More Equitable World.


Kwaku Osei - Chief Executive Officer

Kwaku Osei is the CEO of Cooperative Capital. He was previously an Executive Associate at Rock Ventures where he worked on special projects with Dan Gilbert and served as CEO to Project X LLC, a $1MM+ tech spinout of Rock Ventures. Prior to Rock Ventures he was at Deloitte Consulting in DC, where he focused on technology, business process reengineering, strategic change and communications for various clients. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) Honor's College, where he graduated Magna Cum Laude with University Honors


Camille Johnson - Managing Director

Camille Johnson is a serial entrepreneur that is passionate about creating equitable, community-driven change. As a consultant, she has helped nonprofits and small businesses build the capacity and support they need to thrive. As an entrepreneur, she’s created multiple platforms and resources that help professionals of color connect with like-minded peers and grow their career opportunities. Camille is excited to continue driving impactful developments in revitalizing cities through Cooperative Capital.


Bryan Barnhill - Chief Advisor

Bryan C. Barnhill II, is a purpose-driven leader with a passion for bringing transformational impact to systems and organizations. As Chief Adviser of Cooperative Capital, Bryan brings a wealth of public and private sector experience to Cooperative Capital’s core leadership team. Bryan currently serves as the Chief Talent Officer for the City of Detroit and is Chairman of the Detroit Building Authority. Prior to serving in Mayor Duggan’s administration, Bryan was the campaign manager for the Duggan for Detroit campaign. As campaign manager, Bryan orchestrated the historic write-in campaign victory for Mayor Michael Duggan, one of the largest write-in campaign victories in modern U.S. electoral history.


Chase Cantrell - Director of Detroit Community Capital

Chase L. Cantrell is the Director of Cooperative Capital’s inaugural fund: Detroit Community Capital. He is also the founder of Building Community Value, a Detroit-based non-profit dedicated to implementing and facilitating real estate development projects in underserved Detroit neighborhoods.  An alumnus of the University of Michigan Law School, Chase specializes in real estate and corporate law and has facilitated corporate and real estate acquisitions, sales, and other complex transactions for clients of all sizes (from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies).  Through Cooperative Capital, Building Community Value, and in collaboration with academic and community partners, Chase seeks to be a catalyst for sustainable social and economic development that engages distressed communities in creating impactful, resident-led change but, more specifically, that improves livability for all Detroiters.