Our Values



Our goal is to create an outlet where any & every citizen has the opportunity to invest in their community. From the way we manage finances to the way we process investments, all of our core values stem from ensuring that we create access for all adult citizens.



We believe a community becomes stronger once residents invest within as well as feel ownership within their community and even stronger when these residents bond together. Everything about Cooperative Capital is around trying to help foster these bonds for the betterment of a respective community



To succeed it’s essential that our members are adequately educated on basic financial & investment principles. Additionally, we believe that continued exposure to ventures in various sectors, as well as debate around the potential of those ventures will positively broaden our members’ collective knowledge. Finally, we see a strong opportunity in educating our youth and providing them with applied learning projects, internships, and jobs that could positively impact their future.

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The entrepreneurial spirit powers economies. We seek to invest in promising entrepreneurs and learn more about what might be key success factors as well as blind spots or failure indicators so that we fuel more entrepreneurship success across the nation. Our goal is to create an infrastructure that supports the entire venture creation process. We also hope that by exposing our membership to various entrepreneurs, those that are inclined may become more entrepreneurial themselves.



We want to ensure that our membership and investments are representative of the entire community. We aim to represent all races, creeds, religions, etc. that inhabit a respective community.