CollabFeature Part 2

When Did You Start CollabFeature?

We started a message board in 2008.  Became an official company and launched the first feature in 2010, though it was still a part time project for both of us.  In 2015, we made the decision to focus on CollabFeature as a long term company; Marty is now mostly full time on the project. 

How Much Money Has Gone Into CollabFeature Thus Far?

All of the collaborators have pooled their available resources, in some cases private investors, grants and lots and lots of favors, for all of the overhead we've boot strapped and kept costs to minimum out of pocket

One Thing That Would Have Been Really Helpful to You, When You Were Starting Up?

A crystal ball!  Maybe funding, but honestly I think it was better that we did it the no-budget route for the first two projects. 

One Thing That Would Be Really Helpful To You Now?

We have everything we need, but the process is slower than we'd like.  Funding for filmmakers, recruiting, publicity, name talent, a little branding and another developer to help with the next version of our platform would help accelerate us to the next level. 

What Do the next 3 months look like?any specific goals?

We release our 2nd film on VOD worldwide.  We will be focused on promoting, publicizing and selling that film + packaging and launching the next feature.   

What's your vision for collabFeature at this Point?

To unite tens of thousands of driven, talented creators to outperform traditional film/TV studios which have an oligopoly on entertainment revenue.  

Your hardest experience thus far?

On the first project, we had one filmmaker who tried to take the project hostage.  Luckily we had a great attorney to help us resolve this but there was a period where we were pretty scared. 

Biggest surprise thus far?

One of our favorite filmmakers in the world, Mike Leigh, saw our first film at a festival and called it a "great piece of scorched earth filmmaking" 

most rewarding experience thus far?

There are so many, but the first that comes to mind is winning "Best Feature" at the LA Diversity Film Festival.