Godwin's Story - YumVillage Part 2

When did you start YumVillage?

I started officially during the summer of 2012.

How much money has gone into YumVillage thus far?

I've put close to $35K over the course of ~24 months into the business.

One thing that would have been really helpful to you, when you were starting up?

Knowing the difference between MVP and Initial Product Offering

One thing that would be really helpful to you now?

Greater access to influential social capital

What do the next 3 months look like? Any specific goals?

Over the course of the next 3 months, I will be securing a fixed location to operate as a base for YumVillage. I will also begin implementing an education curriculum associated with becoming a managing director of food operations within a restaurant along with increasing the frequency in which YumVillage events are held. 

What's your vision for YumVillage at this point?

To operate as a hub and practicum for chef run and operated food ventures. Ultimately to be like a record label of sorts for chefs (no 360 deals or anything though!)

Your hardest experience thus far?

Failing financially with a big name event, it was a ~$10K mistake

Biggest surprise thus far?

Understanding the variety of economies of scale associated with transactions. 

Most rewarding experience thus far?

Connecting people across the social spectrum!